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STORY This is the story of this city untill its collapse.
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story movie
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protagonist Sechs Grew up in the suburbs of Area 5.
king of Area 5 Fuenf Always wrears a mask due to timid personality.
king of Area 4 Vier Has a relatitvely friendly personality, but also jas a greedy side that will stop at nothing to obtain whatVier wants.
king of Area 3 Drei Lazy and always looks sleepy.
king of Area 2 Zwei Suppressing emotions due to a certain incident.
king of Area 1 Eins Enigmatic presence.
1. Select Your Pitch 2. Determine the Type of Dice The probabilities change 3. Roll the Dice 4. Result
various performances that influence the flow of the game!
Special pitch!!魔球 Unique pitcher-exclusive actions! Great Play Sunpredictable outcomes!!
You can play with your friends and family on a single Nintendo Switch!
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